Horse –riding hacks in the valley

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Visit the beautiful valley of Orlu with our horses for a one or two hour ride.

Ranging from introductory rides, at a walk, to more technical or original excursions, we can cater to all tastes and all levels.


It is not only an occasion to discover the landscape but also to discover our approach: ‘caring horse – riding’ – we ride without bits or horseshoes and our horses are educated to be our partners.


Children can participate from 12 years old, or younger if they already know how to ride.

(For the young ones, we propose pony activities, which are more adapted to their age).


Seasoned riders might be tempted by the adventure of a mountain hack, or by our ‘Transhumance’, which is organized twice a year in June and September.


In winter, we offer rides out in the snow, as well as other snow related activities (ski joering, etc.).


Reservations are indispensable, so that we can ensure that the conditions are best for you.



Options at 1hour 30

 Let us know your riding level and we will propose a suitable route.

  • ·        The ride to the chateau, which allows us to discover the lake of Orgeix. Open to everyone from 12 years.
  • ·        Hacks in the valley of Orgeix and the flats of Orlu. For riders who can trot and canter.

20€ pour 1h30 comprenant : préparation des chevaux, mise en selle en carrière, balade.

Hacks for experienced riders

 For experienced riders, who are at ease with all three gaits, and who are keen to ride outside, we offer:


·        The two hour ride alongside the river Orgeix

·        Mountain rides: day hacks to discover the peaks and the valleys around

·        We can organize rides of two or more days for groups (upon request).


Don’t forget about the Transhumance for a really unique adventure!

 40€  for 2hours 30,

which includes: preparation of the horses, mounting in the riding arena ad the ride itself.

75€ for the mountain day ride

(includes a picnic with farm products)

Snow Special

The valley is also superb in winter!

We adapt our activities to the snow. Depending on your level and your desires, we offer:


·        Ski-joering

·        Pony sledging for children (under eights)

·        Rides in the snow


Don’t hesitate to contact us by email for more information !