About the Merens horses

Traditionally raised in a system of transhumance, the Merens horse has been able to to develop most of its qualities in the mountains.

·        Hardiness, which allows him to cope with varied climates

·        Sureness of foot (from a very young age, the foals evolve in freedom in the mountains)

·        Agility and straightforwardness, which are indispensible to adventure up the steep pathways of the higher pastures.

·        Docility and gentleness – the Merens are close to man, because they are manipulated and socialized from a young age

·        Endurance, which is gained with time

·        The ability to learn quickly and to memorize, which is of the highest importance to a rider


A tender complicity unites the Merens’ breeders and their horses.


History – The Merens, the traditional breed of the Ariègoises Pyrenées

Originally from the high valley of the Ariège, the Merens horse shows a surprising morphological similarity to the Magdalenien horse shown in the caves of NIAUX. Maybe these are the prestigious ancestors of the Merens?

Uses – the Merens, a horse that can do everything

The Merens is an excellent polyvalent horse. An expert at hacking, where its straightforwardness and its footing seduces both beginner and experienced riders.

Also used in other equestrian disciplines , whether it be competition or leisure.

The Merens horse is the ideal companion for everyone who is passionate about horse riding in all its forms